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upVersion v1.0

upVersion is a series of keyboard maestro macros designed to help manage filename organization for working composers. It uses a naming convention scheme to automatically update timecode, date, cue name, cut name, or version of a file. It then archives the old version of the file, keeping your project folder up to date.




This is an example of a typical file name. Who wants to wade through a series of brackets and underscores to update the timecode of a changing cue? UpVersion parses out the name, adjusts what needs to be adjusted, and saves the new file. You don't have to worry about typos now.

I built this tool to help me work though the messy business of keeping my projects organized. I've never released software publicly, so use this at your own risk. If you dig, consider donating. If you want mods or have ideas or just want to say hey, feel free to reach out. 

- Martin

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